Understanding The Curling Sport

To many curling may not register as a sport. But in some parts of the world, it is a sport that has popularity and is a great deal. Yes, it is not a flashy sport, but it has gained momentum and people interested in learning and watching the game. It was introduced back to the winter Olympic competition in 1998, and since then the sport has gained a significant following.

Below are some basics to understanding the curling sport.

Understanding The Curling Sport

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To many who have watched the sport. They can attest to seeing a person holding what looks like a rock, skidding for a¬†while with the stone, throwing it, and yelling out as two teammates seem to be brushing the surface with broomstick brushes before the stone, as it is sliding on towards a certain target bull’s eye area.

What it is

A team is made up of four players who take turns to slide a polished granite stone or rock across a sheet of ice that is specially marked towards a target area or ring also known as the house. Two teams take turns in sliding the granite stone, and the aim is to accumulate the highest score. Each team will have eight rocks and players will throw two stones per end. However, at the Olympic 10 ends are usually played. Points are recorded for the stones that are closest to the target ring at the end of each through when both teams have thrown their granite stones.

How the sport is played

The team has four members the lead, a second, a third or vice-skip and a skip. The skip stands at the end of the sheet and uses their broomreuyeiuewiuewuewuwu to give the other teammates a target to deliver. This is when the lead, second and third are throwing their granite stone. The player needs to release the granite stone 31 feet from the start or hog line and should stop before they reach the back line of the sheet, or the will be removed from play. There are also brooms know as brushes that are used by two players who sweep the ice so as to melt it slightly, to help the stone move farther and straighter. It may seem simple and easy;however, it is a delicate act. The skip yells to the sweepers to direct them on where and how hard to sweep. When the skip shoots his turn, the vice skip takes over calling the shots.


The curling sport is one that requires the players to be fit especially mentally. It needs one to be strategic and relaxed to be able to deliver shots and get scores.…

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