Born from a chance meeting at a contest where the two of three were competing against each other,
Brandon (14), Julia (15), and Wesley (16) are quickly making a name for themselves along the festival circuit and
developing a strong following. As to what to expect on stage when they perform? Their ages shouldn't fool you;
they play like seasoned musicians with a big repertoire of blues and blues rock standards,
and a good mix of their own take of the blues.

With song-writing all their own, the musicianship of seasoned professionals, and youthful energy,
Pett Crow has a powerful, unforgettable stage presence and experience that audiences continue to talk about
long after the show has ended.

Steadily building their career, with each year being better than the last, they are paying their dues and building a strong fan base
as the future of the blues, by offering their own spin on the genre. The results of hard work, long rehearsals and pure talent
are two CD's of their own original music

As Pett Crow's drummer, Brandon Pettiford's phenomenal playing style is expressive, active and downright entertaining!
His parents noted his interest in the drums at a very early age and bought him his first kit when he was 5 years old.
He hasn't stopped since. While he is equally talented on the guitar and bass, it's drumming that he is passionate about.
His signature beat is the driving force behind every Pett Crow song.

A multi-instrumentalist, Julia Crow played the piano and violin before finally landing on the bass while still in middle school.
Her outstanding musicianship hardly ever goes unrecognized, with fans commenting on her rapid-fire finger style.
This beauty on the bass holds down the bottom end, belts out backing vocals and rocks it like she means it!

Front-man Wes Crow is a triple threat as he effortlessly combines soulful vocals and harmonica fills with his melodic, assertive guitar-playing style! His fretboard expertise channels the essence of many guitar greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King, Carlos Santana, just to name a few, while breathing new life and excitement back into the blues genre.