• Best Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Sites
    Best Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Sites
    f you would like to make the best out of social media, you have to listen to what the audience says about you, analyze the data and try to reach social media business intelligence.
  •  How To Make An R&B Song
    How To Make An R&B Song
    People can express themselves through different ways.
  • Wedding
    WEDDING If there is an event in which one has to be the happiest, on top of their spirits and have the feel-the-moment attitude, it has to be a wedding.

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Understanding The Curling Sport

To many curling may not register as a sport. But in some parts of the world, it is a sport that has popularity and is a great deal. Yes, it is not a flashy sport, but it has gained momentum and people interested in learning and watching the game. It was introduced back to the winter Olympic competition in 1998, and since then the sport has gained a significant following.

Below are some basics to understanding the curling sport.

Understanding The Curling Sport

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To many who have watched the sport. They can attest to seeing a person holding what looks like a rock, skidding for a while with the stone, throwing it, and yelling out as two teammates seem to be brushing the surface with broomstick brushes before the stone, as it is sliding on towards a certain target bull’s eye area.

What it is

A team is made up of four players who take turns to slide a polished granite stone or rock across a sheet of ice that is specially marked towards a target area or ring also known as the house. Two teams take turns in sliding the granite stone, and the aim is to accumulate the highest score. Each team will have eight rocks and players will throw two stones per end. However, at the Olympic 10 ends are usually played. Points are recorded for the stones that are closest to the target ring at the end of each through when both teams have thrown their granite stones.

How the sport is played

The team has four members the lead, a second, a third or vice-skip and a skip. The skip stands at the end of the sheet and uses their broomreuyeiuewiuewuewuwu to give the other teammates a target to deliver. This is when the lead, second and third are throwing their granite stone. The player needs to release the granite stone 31 feet from the start or hog line and should stop before they reach the back line of the sheet, or the will be removed from play. There are also brooms know as brushes that are used by two players who sweep the ice so as to melt it slightly, to help the stone move farther and straighter. It may seem simple and easy;however, it is a delicate act. The skip yells to the sweepers to direct them on where and how hard to sweep. When the skip shoots his turn, the vice skip takes over calling the shots.


The curling sport is one that requires the players to be fit especially mentally. It needs one to be strategic and relaxed to be able to deliver shots and get scores.…

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Pett Crow


IBC Best Self-Produced CD Award Nominees
(Columbus Blues Alliance and Pomeroy Blues & Jazz Society)

2013 IBC Youth Showcase Representative for Pomeroy, Ohio
International Blues Challenge, Memphis, Tennessee

2011 Rising Star Talent Contest Winners
Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival, Gahanna, Ohio

2011/2012 IBC Youth Showcase Representatives for Columbus, Ohio
International Blues Challenge, Memphis, Tennessee


Pett Crow Music


An all-original Blues-Rock band, Pett Crow has an up-beat sound that is all their own!
Young in age but seasoned beyond their years in talent! Each member plays multiple instruments,
writes and records their own music and is putting a new face on Blues-Rock. Pett Crow had an impressive
2013 year with the release of their second CD “Confessions” and performing in over 35 venues, opening for
Grammy award winning acts and playing for audiences as large as 3000!

Front-man Wes Crow (age 17), bassist Julia Crow (age 16) and drummer Brandon Pettiford (age 15) are swiftly making a name for themselves on both local and national scenes in their quest to keep the blues alive for the next generation. With talent beyond their years, they are a powerful presence on the stage and have an impressive set
of original music guaranteed to get crowds on their feet and dancing.

Their unique take on blues blends a very robust mix of blues, acoustic, funk,
soul and, of course, some good ol’ rock ‘n roll.

Book them NOW and bring the
NEXT GENERATION of BLUES to YOUR festival! To make the event more exciting, come up with a mini version of the curling winter olympics 2014.


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Arts And Entertainment 

Advantages Of Buying Paintings Directly From The Artist

When decorating your home, you can decide to buy paintings from online stores, physical stores or directly from the artist. There are enough reasons however that should convince you to buy paintings directly from the artist. This article will give you the advantages of buying paintings from the artist.


Quality products

Artists get accomplishment from using quality tools, materials, and paint. It is the quality of the above that differentiate a good and bad painter. You will be able to get the best of all paintings if you buy it directly from the painter because they want to offer the best and create future business relationships. Sellers, on the other hand, are out to make profits hence won’t mind the quality of paintings they buy for resale.

You get the best for your cash

We get money from hard work. It is only fair to get quality items in exchange of that hard earned cash. You are guaranteed the best out of your money if you buy paintings from the artist. Paintings are expensive in the malls because the artist has to pay a certain percentage of his sales to the malls. This forces them to price their work more for them to make profits. This is not the case for direct purchases because there are no commissions and other expenses to be paid.

Higher selling price

This applies to people who buy paintings for resale. Prices of paintings from the artist directly will be higher than those of items bought online or from physical stores. As mentioned above, paintings bought directly from the artist are of a better quality hence more cash can be made on resale. A lot of patience is required before identifying the best quality in the world of art.

You will get better services

A professional artist will willingly and correctly answer any questions you have about their work. They will tell you about the materials, design, maintenance and anything else you would want to know about their product. The artist will also provide room for customizations, where you get to choose colors and designs you want to be made. Some artist will cater for transport as well.

The above are among the many advantages of buying paintings from the artist. If you have never tried it or had a bad experience from other sellers, try buying from the artist directly, and it will never be the same.…

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Social Media 

Best Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Sites


If you would like to make the best out of social media, you have to listen to what the audience says about you, analyze the data and try to reach social media business intelligence. You are therefore required to not only listen to the audience but also monitor what they are listening to; as this gives you a better insight about your clients. It is true that this might be time consuming as you try to monitor mentions, market your products, track down how you are faring and gauging what impact social media has on your website. The good news is that there are various monitoring tools which can save you time and give you effective results.

How to monitor your social media sites

Social mention

It rates well as one of the best free tools available in the market. It monitors the web for mentions. It enables you to know who is making references to your company or to any topic. From various social networks, it gathers all user-generated content which makes it easy for you to analyze it in a single place. With social mention, you are able to access huge data from different sites and exporting it in different formats is also possible.

Since monitoring is done on real-time basis, you will rarely miss anything published online. You are able to get a snapshot of who are referencing you and your work by source and language and so you can generate reports and compare how you and you competitors are faring. Mention becomes even better if you are working as a team because you can share the alerts and the tasks too for proper functionality


You can measure your brand’s presence in different sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn with this tool. It then computes numerically this presence to quantify it. It uses a range of 0-10 magnitude score to show the level of activity around your brand in a week. 0 score implies that there is no or little activity around the brand while 10 implies that the brand is highly recognizable in these sites. You can monitor whether your presence is improving or declining by looking at the weekly scores. This way, you will see how social platform helps you in your business and which areas need more attention for development.

Twitter analytics

You can easily monitor your progress and track things on twitter through this platform. You are able to monitor your activity over a given time period for you to see how your tweets are receiving impressions. This can show you the level of engagement on your posts and summaries of replies, favorites, clicks and retweets. You can still know the number of followers whom you have gained over a certain timeframe. The good thing with this tool is that, it has a simple layout and interface for easy exploration of your data.…

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