Best Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Sites


If you would like to make the best out of social media, you have to listen to what the audience says about you, analyze the data and try to reach social media business intelligence. You are therefore required to not only listen to the audience but also monitor what they are listening to; as this gives you a better insight about your clients. It is true that this might be time consuming as you try to monitor mentions, market your products, track down how you are faring and gauging what impact social media has on your website. The good news is that there are various monitoring tools which can save you time and give you effective results.

How to monitor your social media sites

Social mention

It rates well as one of the best free tools available in the market. It monitors the web for mentions. It enables you to know who is making references to your company or to any topic. From various social networks, it gathers all user-generated content which makes it easy for you to analyze it in a single place. With social mention, you are able to access huge data from different sites and exporting it in different formats is also possible.

Since monitoring is done on real-time basis, you will rarely miss anything published online. You are able to get a snapshot of who are referencing you and your work by source and language and so you can generate reports and compare how you and you competitors are faring. Mention becomes even better if you are working as a team because you can share the alerts and the tasks too for proper functionality


You can measure your brand’s presence in different sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn with this tool. It then computes numerically this presence to quantify it. It uses a range of 0-10 magnitude score to show the level of activity around your brand in a week. 0 score implies that there is no or little activity around the brand while 10 implies that the brand is highly recognizable in these sites. You can monitor whether your presence is improving or declining by looking at the weekly scores. This way, you will see how social platform helps you in your business and which areas need more attention for development.

Twitter analytics

You can easily monitor your progress and track things on twitter through this platform. You are able to monitor your activity over a given time period for you to see how your tweets are receiving impressions. This can show you the level of engagement on your posts and summaries of replies, favorites, clicks and retweets. You can still know the number of followers whom you have gained over a certain timeframe. The good thing with this tool is that, it has a simple layout and interface for easy exploration of your data.…

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